A University of Southern Queensland (USQ) student has been named Engineering Associate of the Year at the 2016 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards (AEEA) Queensland division.

The award was presented to Doctor of Professional Engineering student Aleksandar Seizovic, recognizing his commitment to the engineering profession and academic excellence, and acknowledging his endeavours in promoting engineering and education in Australia.

“It was a great surprise and exciting to be acknowledged by my colleagues and community for my work in the engineering field,” he says. “I have contributed to the engineering community through mentoring a number of professional engineers and graduates across aerospace, Defence, oil and gas industries.To be acknowledged this way was an amazing honour and I will forever hold it in the highest regard.”

AEEA is working hard to promote engineering excellence and the contribution engineering makes to the community by innovation, leadership, ingenuity and creativity.

USQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Jan Thomas congratulated Mr Seizovic on the achievement, saying the student was a great candidate for what the award represents. “Aleksandar has years of experience in engineering project and business management, and continues to provide expertise and support to Australian companies and individual businesses,” Professor Thomas says. “He is committed to sharing his extensive knowledge of engineering, law and business to help organisations succeed and grow, as well as encourage individuals to achieve their full potential.”

Mr Seizovic has worked with the Australian Department of Defence for more than 15 years, and is an Engineering Executive of Engineers Australia. He is also involved in USQ’s Centre for Future Materials and is working on sustainable business and engineering.

“My research focuses on sustainable business and energy where sustainability is a core element of the business model and the key to business performance,” he said. “From alternative energy source to conventional improved technology applied to deliver sustainable energy solution, integrating corporate sustainability into operations is becoming the key to operational efficiency and excellence, a discipline that will help us to drive innovation and long-term success.”

Mr Seizovic now qualifies as a finalist in the 2016 AEEA national awards, held in Brisbane on November 23.

Words by Tayla Swales
Photo supplied by USQ