The University of Southern Queensland’s (USQ) newest Creative Writing lecturer Nike Sulway believes that everyone has a story to tell.

“Teaching at USQ is a great opportunity for me to hear the stories of regional students – your surroundings play such an important part in identity,” Dr Sulway said.

“Reading and writing has always been my passion and this is a great chance to hear the stories of the Darling Downs students and help them build on them.”

It’s been an exciting few weeks for Dr Sulway — since starting her new role at USQ she’s been shortlisted for an Aurealis Award for excellence in Australian science fiction writing and has won a James Tiptree Junior Award, an international award that recognises the best works of science fiction and fantasy that explore the concept of gender.

Dr Sulway received her accolades for her novel “Rupetta” which follows the 400 year life span of a mechanical woman. “The idea for Rupetta came during a short-story workshop and eventually evolved into an entire novel,” she said. “I’ve had a passion for reading for as long as I can remember and that eventual translated into a love of writing. I taught creative writing at QUT for 10 years before leaving that role to work full-time as a professional writer and editor. My friend told me about the creative writing position at USQ and I decided I’d like to get back into teaching, this time in a regional environment. I feel like working at USQ is an unique opportunity and already I’ve had a lot of support from staff here. I love teaching creative writing, nothing beats seeing your students express themselves through writing and witnessing small ideas turn into full stories and knowing that you were a part of that process.”

Dr Sulway is heading to Wisconsin, USA in May to personally receive her Tiptree Award at the world’s leading feminist science fiction convention, WisCon.

via USQ