Last weekend the 25th Queensland Variety Bash cars rolled through our town, brash, noisy and dusty. Many crews were old hands taking a new road less travelled. And some were not …

The “Smashettes” in car Q2511 hail from the Gold Coast and were proud to announce that despite being Bash Virgins, their $30,000+ was in the Top10 for fundraising. “Kell is the navigator from Hell!” Bren and Lee said, while pondering their mechanical problems. But by 7am next day they were handing out treats to local kids from Wylahra Grove Junior Sports who had come out to cheer them on.  The State School P&C, under President  Shane Lacey’s guidance, catered for dinner and breakfast for more than 500, while local pubs did a roaring trade, and other businesses were smiling at the inflow of dollars.


Readers can follow the Bash by going to www.variety.org.au/QLD/Events/bash/2014-XXXX-Gold-Variety-Bash-Daily-Dairy

Support the individual cars (pictured) by nominating them by number where indicated at www.variety.org.au/QLD/Donate/Regular-giving/


Words and images by Wendy Moline