Whenever I collect my dog from the grooming parlour I am overwhelmed with Elena’s genius. How she transforms that grubby mutt into proper poodle is miraculous.

She is patience personified and has never told me off for his filthiness, or criticised me for clipping him myself (badly!) and she didn’t even comment much about the old Twistie matted into his fur. She is a very understanding woman and best of all she adores dogs.

That’s important to me because not everyone who meets Cadbury loves him like I do. He is naughty, bossy, yappy and he whinges. He death shakes socks, has a vendetta against bath mats and chases flies. He snoops through rubbish bins, rolls in anything that smells bad and lifts his leg on the washing. Oh yes, he is a charmer!

Elena has been Cadbury’s stylist for some time now and she knows how to bring out his best features. So we were very excited about our first appointment at her new salon at 117A Bridge Street, Toowoomba.  Called “Gentle Touch Pet Grooming” it is beautiful and very stylish! There’s a nail bar, a signature wall, play pens and the best range of doggy bling on the Downs.  She stocks the most covetous range of haute couture collars, leads, outfits and accessories. (I was even tempted to try them on myself …!)

Anyway, Elena chose a stunning statement collar to match Cadbury’s Summer haircut and my daughter tells me he is now a “ghetto dog” (that’s a good thing). The collar is wide gold leather, covered in diamantes and it has brought out a whole new sassiness in Cadbury. I think he knows how “ghetto” he looks too so hopefully he will leave the bathmat alone for a while. I just think he is supernaturally gorgeous (love is blind).

Anyway, I can’t wait for Cadbury’s next appointment to see the transformation all over again. Think we might book him into to nail bar next time too and have his nails painted ghetto gold as well. So sassy, so cute!

Until next time, look after your dogs because …

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”
– Andy Rooney