Dalby State School’s 2019 vice captains are grade 6 students Charlie Bullen, Ella Schultz, Savannah Bach and Jackson Brown.

The four demonstrate exceptional skills, achievements and a strong connection to the school’s values of Safety, Respect and Learning. It is especially rewarding to see students carrying these values through the generations, with Charlie Bullen following in the footsteps of his grandfather, his mother and his brothers, all of whom attended Dalby State School. Proud to be representing the school as Vice Captain, Charlie hopes to one day represent Australia, playing as part of the Wallabies Rugby Union team.

Contributing strongly to Dalby State School’s history of excellence, Ella Schultz’s family connection to the school is especially strong, with her sister, mother and grandmother all being past or current students. Ella particularly excels at Science, which will hold her in good stead in pursuit of her dream of becoming a Doctor.

Savannah Bach has been a student at Dalby State School since her Prep year. With her interest in dancing and performing, and her
outgoing personality, Savannah’s dream of going to University to become a Teacher is sure to come true.

Demonstrating similar enthusiasm and excellence, Jackson Brown’s goal is to become a Basketball Coach, with his favourite saying, “Games are won at practice”, reflective of this goal. Jackson has also won the Lions Club’s Children of Courage Award and represented the school at the local Anzac Day ceremony, setting a great example for his younger brother.

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