Toowoomba Grammar student Jamie Border is one of those who volunteered to spend three days as a full-time carer for disabled children.

Whilst many school students looked forward to chilling out on the first weekend of the Spring holidays, it was certainly not the case for a group of 34 boys from Toowoomba Grammar School and 21 girls from Fairholme College and The Glennie School. The senior students provided 24-hour care at Toowoomba Grammar School for 37 younger children who had one or more disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, vision impairment, down syndrome and more. One such carer was Year 11 student Jamie Border, from a cattle property in Goondiwindi, who cared for a nine-year old autistic and intellectually impaired boy. “Overall it was a very good experience and gave me a better insight into the lives of people who suffer from disability,” Jamie reflected. “The boy I cared for did not speak, and communicating with him was a big issue.” Jamie has been a boarder at Toowoomba Grammar School since Year 8, and has accomplished very high grades in his academic subjects. He plays rugby and cricket for the school. Jamie assists the younger boarders by helping them with their mathematics and aspires to be an engineer after university studies, hopefully progressing to aeronautical engineering. “My patience skills have improved and I have become extremely grateful for what I have got,” Jamie shares, while reflecting on the benefits of the Toowoomba Grammar School and Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camp for disabled children.