Dedicated volunteers from Rangeville Community Church are kept busy preparing 12,000 serves of breakfast each year to students at Centenary Heights State High School. Twenty-eight Rangeville Community Church volunteers have been running a breakfast club program at the school for the past 12 years where they feed students every Wednesday and Thursday.

Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki MP was happy to make a contribution to the church to help with the costs of running the breakfast club program. “More than two-thirds of Australian teachers report that children are coming to school hungry and that results in poor concentration and disruptive behaviour in class,” he said. “The breakfast club is an excellent program making sure children here at Centenary are starting the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.”

The program was feeding between 20 and 40 students a day when it began in 2006 and it has now grown to more than 150 kids each day. The breakfast club provides fruit juice (and Milo during winter months) and toast with margarine, jam, honey or Vegemite. It costs the Rangeville Community Church about $3000 to run the program this year.

Centenary Heights State School Deputy Principal Jim Brennan thanked the volunteers for making students a priority. “The breakfast club at Centenary Heights SHS is a wonderful example of community working together to meet the needs of children,” he said. “Doing so gives students the best possible start to their day.”

The church greatly appreciates the donation of 900 loaves of bread each year from Deb’s Bakery and honey from Ray Moor’s apiary. They would also welcome more volunteers to their breakfast club roster.

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