While it may be hard to accept that 1980 was 40 years ago rather than 20 and that those like George Michael and Freddie Mercury live on only in our ears and, for some lucky few, memories, as the song goes, “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” and the world keeps moving us along.

That being said, while there are a few things that stay in the past, not everything has to be that way, for trends often come back around.

Therefore, while you may think that you should have to ditch that dress with puffed sleeves that you wore for your high school formal or those parachute pants you wore in the school hallways in the ’90s, stop and think about your approach. It could give not only your wardrobe but also yourself a completely new lease on life.

Hone, don’t ditch

As the title reads, sometimes a reinvention of your style is merely about filing back the edges and making little tweaks to either downplay or upscale an outfit, meaning you don’t have to discard those leggings or that leopard print top and bottom set. Match them with a second-hand Louis Vuitton bag, a blouse leather jacket and some stiletto heels, and you’ve recycled a look, for your original style.

Denim never dies

If you have started to feel that your pair of whitewashed jeans are a fashion trend that has made you feel like the “cool” look you had in your 20s is never to return, you’d be wrong. Jeans, regardless of the person’s age, can still be a statement piece in anyone’s wardrobe. You can either reuse your whitewash ones with a nice tank top and flat shoes or pair it with a blouse and blazer. A vintage piece matched with an edgy trend can work. That said, if you’re willing to pay for a designer label, go for a pair of “Levi Strauss 501 original jeans”. They have been a hallmark for over 100 years, and they will make any curve look beautiful. They are also worth the money as, if you know what to buy, they won’t lose elasticity after a few washes.

Choose a comeback style but don’t mix eras

What goes around often comes back into fashion again. Flared leg trousers/bootleg jeans alongside animal and floral print tops, as well as pantsuits, are all back in, with a nod to the 1970s, while anything from the 1990s is returning in a big way. It can be best, however, to pick a certain era and work with it. Don’t mix your ’50’s poodle skirt with a puffer jacket from the ’90s.

The well-fitting LBD

While colour can be wonderful in a skirt or dress, there’s a reason Chanel became famous for her stylish black ones, and don’t feel that, just because you’ve hit your 40s, you can’t rock the glamourous look yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s short or long, provided it suits your shape and makes you feel great, a signature black dress can be a versatile staple that can cover any number of occasions.

Confidence is your best accessory

When it comes to your style, no matter what you choose, glowing with conviction and pride is what really can make your outfit shine, going into your 40’s and beyond.


Now, whether it is a terrific pair of jeans or a perfect leather bag to help you create that brilliant new style for yourself, just remember that, no matter what your age, it’s about being confident and comfortable, knowing that your style should have a sense of ‘you.’  Also, as the saying goes ” you’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

All the best, readers.