The Toowoomba Regional Council announces residents living in Vale View will this week move to high level water restrictions from Thursday 6 June.

Toowoomba Regional Council Waste and Water Committee Chair, Nancy Sommerfield, said the decision to move Vale View from medium to high level restrictions was made due to signs of stress on the local groundwater source. “In September last year a number of our communities moved to medium level restrictions and we have been monitoring the groundwater sources to see if further restrictions were required. Unfortunately we have not received much-needed rain as the drought conditions have continued to cause significant stress on water supplies and Council bores are under pressure in a number of regional communities, particularly in Vale View,” she said.

“We need the community’s help to reduce water consumption as the drought conditions continue to impact us all. The more water we can save the better. We ask residents to minimise water usage at all times to preserve existing supplies. Council will also look at other solutions to reduce the stress on our aquifers. In addition to this we will continue working with both the State and Federal Governments and all other interested parties, including the private sector and irrigators across the region on our long-term water security planning. We are one of a number of regions currently affected by this issue so it’s important we work together to come up with long-term solutions,” Sommerfield said. “In the past our residents have demonstrated their ability to use water responsibly and I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support during these testing times.”

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