The Gabbinbar Homestead has unveiled the five most popular wedding trends from 2017, showcasing the beautiful and luxurious crazes from the year that was.

Getting back to nature was all the rage this year, and adding green was the key to the lush décor splendour. As the colour of the year, wedding venues were lining tables, aisles, walls and floors with rich green foliage.

From Maleny to Ipswich, flora tinted in the green spectrum adorned everything, bringing the rainforest atmosphere inside.

To accompany a beautiful wedding, the top of the priority list this year was taking food presentation to the next level.

No longer purely for consumption, it is now a work of art to be admired by guests before they take their first bite.

Receptions are the staple to obtain the desired look and feel of a wedding, but this year many brides added a vertical flower arrangement to their post-wedding celebration. Adding another dimension of ‘wow’ to the special day, it left many a guest looking skyward. Large bouquets, with hanging greenery gave weddings a stunning reception, and one that guests were talking about long after the vows had been exchanged.

This year saw the introduction of creative ice breakers to get guests talking.

Allowing your attendees to mingle and get to know each other provides a helpful nudge if your attendees are from different parts of the world. Games, friendly competitions and interactive food stations got everyone moving and talking.

Finally, one of the most widespread themes of the year was incorporating natural, rustic and earthy tones to the decorating. Nothing achieved this look faster and easier than natural timber top tables for reception tables. Light, medium or dark tones, depending on the look, gave the wedding a simple, rustic yet dazzling look.

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