Western Downs Regional Council Mayor Ray Brown awards Shalika Low as winner of the 2015 Excellence Award for the Young Achiever category.

As a species we are very good at criticising poor work. What we are not so good at is recognising, and rewarding, excellent work.

To that end the Western Downs Regional Council introduced the ‘Staff Excellence Awards’ into their ceremony honouring the long service and loyalty of 59 employees on Wednesday the 16th.

Together, the experience of those being decorated represents 990 years of service to the people of the Western Downs.

2015’s Staff Excellence Awards winners are:

  • Innovation — Leigh Cook and Terry Fagg
  • Customer Service and Satisfaction — Kerri Wood
  • Safety — Tracey Drever and Lauren Schutt
  • Leadership — Rebecca Neal
  • Young Achiever — Shalika Low
  • Council Values — Lauren Schutt, Lawrence Hobbs, Anjana Ranatunge, and Community Development Officers (Carollee Murphy, Jason Erbacher, Terri Cobb, Fiona Henderson, Eliza Newcombe, and Sarah Kelly)

Chief Executive Officer of the Western Downs Regional Council Mr Ross Musgrove sees both the Staff Excellence and Service awards as an important opportunity to recognise and celebrate loyal members of the community who truly earned it, and represents the strengths of the Council.

We here at Highlife would like to join Mr Musgrove in congratulating the deserving recipients.

“To have so many long serving staff members is a great indicator that Council is a workplace that provides career opportunity, stability, and satisfaction within our region. We expect the establishment of the recognition program to maintain and accentuate the positive qualities of our workplace,”

Images supplied by WDRC