Toowoomba local Brendan Hillier founded White Light in late 2015, seeking to bring Queensland artists together to create a new sound. The band released their debut single, Melancholy Town, in October, 2016.

Composer and writer, Mr Hillier is the creative mind behind the collaboration. His love of music was established when he was a child, and he reminisces about “listening to my dad’s records on our old Yamaha vinyl player.” The past has a heavy influence on Mr Hillier’s present day musical practice. “I’ve always been drawn to the 90s sound,” he says, naming The Cure, Blur and Macy Gray as several of his influential artists. “I wanted to bring the 90s sound back but with a mix of new,” he continues, listing Miami Horror, Kimbra and Gotye among his current influences

It’s clear that Mr Hillier’s affinity for the past has bled into White Light’s music. Writer, Alex Topo, said, “Harnessing the sound of box TV’s and J-RPG’s, ‘White Light’ is a bright new indie electronica/synthpop/dreampop project that will take you back to your childhood bedroom.”

White Light’s collaborative approach has played a huge role in the development of the group’s sound. Mr Hillier says, “The diversity of musicians produces a weird and wonderful mix of sounds, which in turn creates a very new and interesting sound.”

Given White Light’s collaborative nature, the number of members will grow over time. At the moment the group consists of four musicians, including Mr Hillier.

White Light’s vocalist, singer/songwriter, Candice Bliss, is an Australasian Songwriter of the Year winner. Ms Bliss gained attention with her folk/pop/roots style of music. She worked with her previous mentor, Savage Garden’s Daniel Jones, for more than three years. Through their partnership, Ms Bliss took the opportunity to move to Melbourne where she worked with one of the biggest names in producing at Alt Industries.Her song Cement Dreams peaked at number 1 on the Triple J Unearthed charts, and her second release Don’t Follow Me reached number 7.

Mr Hillier describes drummer and composer, Kosta Theodosis, as “White Light’s hidden gem”. Mr Theodosis hails from Toowoomba, but now lives in Los Angeles. He is famed for his capacity to adapt to any musical situation, and has performed and recorded with a range of celebrated artists, including Robbie Williams and Leo Sayer. He was also a member of the platinum selling, ARIA nominated rock band Amy Meredith.

The final member of the band, Kyle Lacko is in charge of synth, piano and bass, as well as being a co-composer. In Mr Lacko’s solo project, Tidal Peak, he sought to play all of the instruments himself in the studio.

Together, the four musicians have pooled their talents in order to create White Light’s alternative sound. Melancholy Town, is available to stream and download for free at Triple J Unearthed. The band’s new single is set for release in May, and an EP is to follow. There is talk of the possibility of tour at the end of this year or beginning of 2018.




Banner image: Kosta Theodosis and Brendan Hillier