Enduring one of the most crippling droughts on record, the Granite Belt community is on its knees. The knock-on effect from this natural disaster is now hitting parts of the community in an unprecedented manner.

Farms that should be bursting with green readying crops for market are bare and dusty. Dams are parched and resemble moonscapes. Locals relying on town water are limited to using 100 litres  per person per day with many outside this supplying hemorrhaging money to buy water for their own use, as well as water and food for their stock. All the while, staff are being laid off due to a lack of work available, the bustling backpacker trade used for picking fruit and vegetables has ground to a halt, and to add further insult, tourist numbers often teeming this time of year have also plummeted.

To combat this, several Granite Belt wineries have banded together to launch Wine4Water, a not-for-profit alliance to raise much-needed funds for another not-for-profit organisation, Granite Belt Drought Assist. This organisation is responsible for distributing water, food and stock feed for those Granite Belt community members in most need. Community members can get involved by visiting one of the participating Granite Belt wineries listed and purchasing a Wine4Water mixed 6 pack for $150 – delivered. All wines that are part of this initiative have a retail value of more than $25 each with some retailing for $39 and $45 each.

This is a win-win scenario – six great wines can be purchased to enjoy while the Granite Belt community wins with approximately $45 from each pack going to those in need. Give the Wine4Water Facebook Page a Like to keep updated and see what wines each winery is contributing.

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