Grand Central Shopping Centre has shared its tips to stay warm and look great during winter in the Downs and surrounds.

Whether out bushwalking or enjoying a stroll through the city, Toowoomba’s beautiful parks and gardens offer a spectacular backdrop. Grand Central Marketing Manager Marieke Bridgemann said the winter landscape provides the perfect inspiration for this season’s trends.

First of all, accessorise wisely. Wardrobe woes are not uncommon in winter. One minute its cold, the next, hot. Accessories like a scarf and hat are commonly underrated. When looking like an outfit might need a bit more colour or texture, a well thought out accessory can make all the difference. Moody blues and slate greys are on trend this season as a great alternative to the standard sombre shades, working well as wardrobe staples. They are just as versatile as black but a lot less predictable. On the other spectrum, if turning heads is the goal, brighter shades of crimson and tangerine are also new favourites.

Next, get layered. Layers are an outfit’s best friend during winter time. The golden rule is to start with the lightest layers next to the skin. Keep the look sleek by sticking to fine knits, reserving thicker fabrics for the outer layers so they can be discarded once indoors. Another way of layering up can be done by embracing a warm yet pliable blanket wrap that can be thrown over any outfit and still look good. A mid-weight wool blend will provide ample warmth on a cold day.

When heading off the beaten track, a waterproof outer is a must. If some serious hiking is on the cards, avoid wearing cotton next to the skin as it soaks up perspiration and can leave the wearer feeling cold. Instead choose polyester blend fabrics that boast “moisture wicking” so skin can breath easily.

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