Stirling, the home of Dr Viola Nicolson and Colin Fitzgerald, was chosen as this year’s Toowoomba Camellia Show and Garden Expo’s “Winter Garden” on Friday, 30 June.

The garden comprises two acres of magnificent flora including 100 camellia plants, 300 rose bushes, and 100 trees from various parts of the world.

“We have been working on the garden for months trying to get it in the very best shape possible, despite the dry conditions we’ve faced,” said Colin.

“Nevertheless, we are sure visitors will love the garden when it is open to garden lovers on July 15 and 16.

That will be particularly so if people are lucky enough to strike the warm weather that Toowoomba has recently been experiencing.”

As Camellia Show president Kevin Cotterell says, the garden, which is a maze of beauty with long winding bluestone paths, manicured lawns, and lavender walkways, is a “special place”.

“Talking to Colin and Viola is like listening to an audio encyclopaedia on flora as they rattle off a never ending list of precious trees,” said Kevin.

“These include English Oaks, Pin Oaks, Red Oaks, Magnolia Denudata, Silver and Golden Elms, Japanese Keyaki and the piece de resistance: a legendary Golden Camellia.”

Toowoomba Hospice’s Mark Munro said he regarded Stirling as a gift from two dedicated gardeners.

“At only $5 to enter or just $10 to include both their garden and the Camellia Show, attendance records are in sight this year,” said Mark.

“Hospice sincerely appreciates this magic event because the beneficiaries are those people, who have come near to the end of life’s journey and can do so in a place of loving and caring.”

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Banner Image: Graham Barron, Greg Johnson, Kevin Cottrell, Colin Fitzgerald, Jan Johnson, Nancy Sommerfield, Rusell Campbell, Joe Ramia