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His creation has been likened to something from Willy Wonka’s factory and it’s only fitting that the mastermind and creator of the World’s Biggest Chocolate Wheel, is named Ross Coco.

The original structure was built 20 years ago and has raised over $100,000 for charity, with Coco’s version constructed from old farm materials. The wheel includes a bubble blower, steam whistle, sound effects, cooling system and two smoke machines. “There’s nothing more spectacular than this,” says the creator. A box of chocolates has been promised if anyone dares to challenge the size and extravagance of Coco’s wheel.

“Some people play golf,” he says. “This is my thing”. A successful barber all his life and a recipient of the Order of Australia, Coco enjoys letting his imagination run wild with his creations. The wheel is set to have its debut at this year’s Felton Food Festival on the 10th of April in Toowoomba.

To see the Wheel’s premiere on 7 News, click here.

Words by Maddie Vlismas
Photos from Ross Coco