Little did Cathy Dearinger know that a leisurely girls’ trip to Bali would inspire her to return to the same town a year later to train to become a yoga teacher.

“It was my first trip to Bali. I never really wanted to go before, and I went because my girlfriends were going,” Cathy said. She and her girlfriends tend to “get up to all sorts of mischief” when they plan a trip away together. Traditionally, these trips are husband free, child free and carefree. When Cathy travelled to Seminyak in Bali last year, she did not expect the day trip to nearby town Ubud to turn out the way it did. As the girls hoped to steer far afield from anything commercial or chaotic, a friend from the group recommended they all try the Yin Yoga class at the Radiantly Alive Yoga studio in Ubud. Without knowing at the time, Radiantly Alive Yoga was where the seed for Cathy’s consuming passion for yoga began to grow. What Cathy came to realise throughout the class, was the life changing journey she was about to embark on. “It was unlike any Yin class I had taken in Australia,” said Cathy. “It was an amazing experience and at that moment, I knew I would return to the studio some day.”

Back at home in Toowoomba, Cathy worked three days a week in a job she said was “just easy to do”. Cathy said she felt a sense of lust to search for her real passion or perhaps the next career idea, coinciding with her daughter, Rose, being due to finish Grade 12. “I can’t say I was ever proud of my job. When people would ask, I just said I worked in insurance. I never went into explaining it,” said Cathy. After the girls’ trip to Bali, Cathy found herself practising yoga more often than before and felt she needed to fuel her heart and soul with something. That is when she started to look into training at Radiantly Alive Yoga studio. Before Cathy knew, she was booked in for an intensive 200-hour teaching training and she was back in Bali. “My training gave me the time and space I needed away from my regular life to realise what made me truly happy and what was holding me back from my dreams and happiness,” she said.

During her training, Cathy discovered her love for teaching and knew upon her arrival back in Toowoomba that she wanted to start teaching yoga. With the help of Cathy’s friend, Kim Bosse from Oasis Health & Beauty Day Spa, she was able to turn her dream into a reality. She has now created her own yoga training program, Cathy Dearinger Yoga, on the rooftop at Oasis Health & Beauty Day Spa in Toowoomba CBD, where she practises Vinyasa and Bhakti. “Something that I can 100 per cent say since I’ve done my training, started teaching and having my own business [is], I love it. People don’t even have to ask me.”

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