The Seven News Young Achiever Awards will launch on Wednesday 5 September, kicking off the Queensland-wide search for incredible young people who make a difference in their region.

2018 Young Achiever of the Year Mykeala Campanini spoke about her achievement last year. “Being named the 2018 Queensland Young Achiever of the Year has created so many amazing opportunities for myself and my charity,” Mykeala said. “Through the awards night I was able to meet so many other amazing young people and it was trulyinspiring, It was also so wonderful to see recognition being given to young people such as myself who put so much into our causes, in an effort to make a difference. The award money has helped my charity further some of our initiatives and allowed me to make many connections that have led to funding and support for myself and my group to further our work. If it were not for the Queensland Young Achiever of the Year awards, I would not have even dreamed of pursuing some of the amazing things I have the opportunity to pursue.”

The Young Achiever Awards began in 2016, with the purpose of acknowledging, encouraging and most importantly promoting the positive achievements of all young people up to and including 29 years of age. The awards aim to recognise the leadership, dedication and pursuit of excellence among young people throughout Queensland.

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