The Toowoomba Regional Council‘s Youth Strategy 2019-2021 is a clear statement about the Council’s bold ambitions for young people. The Council is committed to providing young people real opportunities to access Council programs. The strategy helps young people take responsibility for themselves, and encourages their contributions to our region.

Working from a strategy benefits the Council, young people and the wider community. The Council benefits by applying a strategic direction that taps into the creativity, energy and enthusiasm of young people. The strategy enables them to activate local governance and provide opportunities for mutual and innovative partnerships. Young people benefit not only from Council’s commitment to supporting their futures, but from the unique platform afforded to participate as active citizens. The wider community benefits through the increased understanding and recognition of young people as engaged participants.

The strategy includes six focus areas, which are centred on supporting young people to get involved in their communities; have a voice and participate in government decision-making; link with service providers, community organisations and government agencies; find jobs, study and get training close to home; connect with other young people in the Region.

“The Council’s Draft Youth Strategy 2019-2021 would provide a blueprint for recognising, engaging and supporting young people aged 12 to 24 across the Toowoomba Region,” said Regional Youth Advisory Committee chair Cr Geoff McDonald.

The Council invites the community to comment on a new youth strategy to set the vision for supporting young people. They are seeking community feedback on the draft strategy until 31 July 2019, and will use community feedback to guide the development of the final strategy. The final strategy will be presented to Council for endorsement from September 2019.

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