Gabbinbar Homestead has predicted what will be walking down the aisle this year, sharing its 2018 wedding dress predictions.

Over recent years, the fashion surrounding ‘the dress’ has evolved substantially, mixing traditional with modern tones for a barrage of fabulous gowns.

Combining conventional with contemporary, is the cape and capelet trend. Adding the touch of royalty to a gown, a cape or capelet is perfect for a cool, winter wedding. Style, comfort, warmth and elegance wrapped up in one, a cape will not draw from the gown, but instead enhance any icy blue, wintry themes.

Raising the neckline is back in, with high neckline gowns adding an element of sophistication and elegance to a bridal outfit. Everything from lace chokers through to ruffled high neck halters will be gracing the aisles this year.

For those who doubted bows, they are not leaving the wedding scene so soon this year. In fact, bows are getting bigger and bolder. Bows in white create a visual feature that draws the eye, especially combined with a simple, elegant design.

A timeless addition, brides dripping with embellishments such as beads and pearls will be brought to the front of style.

Placing old-world glamour with the modern day bridal scene, the beauty from a beaded waistband or neckline is a standout winner.

To add another dimension to the gown, three dimensional floating floral adornments can create a modern twist that allows brides to create their perfect gown.

Floating flowers will add immediate textures, whether they are small, intricate arrangements or large, attention-drawing roses.

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