Avenue Q is the Sesame Street adults have been guiltily waiting for. At least, that is according to Shoebox Theatre Company producers Helen Richards, Simon Duncan and Mary Quade as they prepare to bring the musical comedy to the Artsworx stage in February.

Directed by Brisbane-based Lewis Jones, the triple Tony-award winning show features a slew of seasoned Toowoomba performers including Justin Tamblyn, Shannon Gralow, Angela Ponting, Matt Collins, Kyle Dever and Jo Tooley. Avenue Q tells the timeless story of recent college graduate Princeton as he tries to find his place in the world. Settling in New York City all the way out on lack-lustre Avenue Q, Princeton struggles to find his purpose all the while he meets friends, falls in love, loses it and finds it again. “Although inspired by a popular children’s entertainment, Avenue Q is filled with golden-hearted (and occasionally, potty-mouthed) puppets in a world more reflective of the issues we face as adults,” said Producer Mary Quade. “The audience will be vastly entertained but will also relate to the characters and their experiences.”

All 12 puppet characters featured in the show have been custom-made for the Toowoomba production. Co-producer Helen Richards said cast members put their performance skills to the test, undergoing workshops in puppetry and intense rehearsals during the past two months. “Not only do the performers need to be a ‘triple threat’ (singing, dancing and acting), but they must also create believable characters with their puppets,” she said. “They’ve achieved excellent comic instinct, touching sincerity, soaring vocals and brilliant characterisation. The show looks great and we can’t wait to put it in front of an audience.”

This bright and colourful production is set to showcase the extensive talent Toowoomba has to offer.

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