Karly Lane lives on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Proud mum to four children and wife of one very patient mechanic, she is lucky enough to spend her day doing the two things she loves most – being a mum and writing stories set in beautiful rural Australia.

Her bestselling novels include The Wrong Callahan and Mr Right Now – which are the first two books in the Callahans of Stringybark Creek series. Her newest book, Return to Stringybark Creek is her 14th novel published by Allen and Unwin.

The book is set when Hadley Callahan returns to Stringybark Creek without her husband, Mitch Samuals, and plans to tell her parents one major piece of news while determinedly hiding another even more explosive secret. For Oliver Dawson, the Callahans’ neighbour, Hadley’s celebrity wedding two years ago had killed any hopes he’d nurtured that one day they might end up together.

With Mitch putting pressure on Hadley and the secret she’s keeping causing her great anguish, Hadley’s developing feelings for Ollie take her by surprise. But with her life thrown into so much chaos at the moment, what future could they possibly have together? Return to Stringybark Creek concludes the Callahan family trilogy with a delightfully irresistible story of loyalty, hope and the importance of staying true to yourself.

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