Jasmine Brown has been a part of the Dalby State School (DSS) community since Prep.

The third generation of her family to attend DSS following her grandmother, father and brother, Jasmine is now in Year 6, and has earned the position of School Captain for 2018 through her impressive academic achievements and motivation to pursue her passions.

Jasmine has been described by her teachers as a quiet achiever and a deep thinker who consistently works towards Academic Excellence in all areas of her education.

She has been recognised by her school for Academic Excellence and outstanding achievement in Health and Physical Education.

In her current studies, Jasmine is exploring the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and alongside her classmates, she is working hard to build a Nano drone.

When it comes to her passions, Jasmine has a love of all animals. Whilst at school she hopes to pursue an education that will allow her to achieve her dream of becoming a vet.

Jasmine’s philosophy to life and school is to not ever give up.

She said, “If you are aiming for something but make a mistake, just keep trying and don’t give up.”

Another big dream of Jasmine’s is to see as much of the world as possible. She really enjoys going on adventures and exploring new places having already travelled to Fiji, New Zealand and Hobart and is definitely looking forward to her next journey.

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