Katie and Jim Osborn started Bluebird Kitchen in 2015 and from the beginning have used fresh, locally sourced produce. Jim, who is also the head chef explains how they have taken this paddock to plate approach to the next level. “Even our cooking fuel is sourced locally. We use wood from orchards that are being replanted and charcoal briquettes that are made just one hour away. Black Pearl Charcoal makes it easy to get the wood started in our smokers, freeing up valuable time during morning preparations. We even use Black Pearl briquettes in our family barbecue,” said Jim.

Black Pearl Charcoal is made from nutshells which are a clean by product of the nut processing industry and contain no chemical additives. The Osborns were surprised to discover that the company had their carbonisation plant in nearby Toowoomba. With shared community and environmental values, greater collaboration between Bluebird Kitchen and Black Pearl Charcoal was a natural progression. “It is really about making a difference in any way we can, such as using a responsibly sourced and produced charcoal product,” explained Katie. “We love using Black Pearl Charcoal in our restaurant and in our competition barbecue team.”

Black Pearl Charcoal sponsors Bluebird’s low and slow barbecue competition team, aptly named Bluebird BBQ Crew. Last year was the team’s first full year of competing on the Australasian Barbeque Alliance circuit, placing 43rd in a highly competitive, national field. Katie, Jim and David Hart from John Dee Beef make up this hard working competition team. Low and slow barbecue competitions require teams to supply up to five different types of cooked meat at specified times during the day’s competition. Given that it can take eight or more hours to cook each meat, the teams start cooking in darkness on competition day.

Bluebird BBQ Crew got off to a great start in their first competition for 2019. They took out 2nd place for Pork Ribs and 3rd place for Lamb at the Bricks N BBQ Competition which was held as a fundraiser for the McGrath Foundation. The team will be competing in multiple competitions this year across the Australasian Barbecue Alliance circuit and Kansas City Barbeue Society.

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