Southern Brazilian cuisine has arrived in Toowoomba as two local businesses collaborate to create delicious and sustainable food for the local community. Muller Bros, a well-known local restaurant has partnered with Black Pearl Charcoal, who manufactures its cooking fuel less than 10 kilometres away.

Jeremy Hardy, Managing Director of Muller Bros restaurant said, “We specialise in Brazilian churrasco cooking where skewered and seasoned meat is slow cooked over burning embers and then seared prior to serving.”

Part of the unique dining experience that transports diners to Rio De Janiero is having the meat sliced from the skewers by meat-wielding waiters at the table. Using the right charcoal cooking fuel is important for getting the best from this cooking style. “Since January we have been using Black Pearl Charcoal and it certainly ticks all the boxes,” explained Hardy. “We were delighted to discover that the product we wanted is manufactured nearby.”

The shells used in Black Pearl Charcoal’s Pyrocal CCT system are a by-product of nut processing and include one or more traces of walnuts, pecans and macadamias. The nutshells are carbonised and then processed through a grinder and are formed into briquettes made entirely of plant based products and no chemical additives. The system used is also designed and made in Australia, complying with stringent emissions standards. The Muller Bros chefs have found Black Pearl Charcoal to be long burning with an intense clean heat, allowing them to confidently create their famous succulent, skewered meat.

“We are excited to be using charcoal that is responsibly sourced and produced in Australia as this supports our sustainability objectives,” Hardy said.

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