Toowoomba-local Tara East’s debut novel Every Time He Dies seems right on track to become an instant crime-fiction classic, with excellent reviews already starting to trickle in via popular book review site goodreads, even prior to the book’s release on November 5.

Every Time He Dies is about a woman who finds a watch that is the same design as her deceased boyfriend’s, only it is haunted by a ghost with amnesia. While trying to uncover the ghost’s identity, she becomes involved in her estranged father’s homicide investigation. If you are not doing so already – there has never been a better time to start reading local.

Set in Queensland, and written over the course of five years, the completion of a Master’s degree and many cups of coffee, Tara East has clearly worked extremely hard to make her novel as relevant and engaging to local audiences as possible, while still holding strong appeal for crime fiction enthusiasts across the globe. Through interviews with retired detectives, active police officers, embalmers and funeral directors – all professions which play key roles in her book – Tara draws on real-life experiences and unique insights that make her work relatable and fascinating.

Tara has a Bachelor in Journalism (JCU), a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing (USQ), a Masters of Professional Practice Creative Writing (USC), a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative and Critical Writing (USQ) and she is currently completing a Doctor of Creative Arts (USQ). Her non-fiction pieces have appeared in The Cusp, The Huffington Post, Queensland Writers entre and The Artifice. Her fiction has been published in October Hill Magazine and TEXT journal. In 2017, she was shortlisted for The New England Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Fiction. She maintains an active writing blog with new posts going live every Friday morning.

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