Glennie School Reverend Sharon Baird has been commissioned as the 21st School Chaplain at a ceremony attended by official guests, staff, parents, current, and past students on Wednesday 21 February.

During the event, members of the Glennie community presented Rev Baird with symbols of her ministry, including the holy bible, prayer book, holy water, chrism oil, a candle, bread, and wine.

Rev Baird’s spirituality is grounded in the Benedictine tradition, based on the idea of listening with the ear of your heart, which she commits to each day.

“Although it is a new beginning for me, I don’t suddenly stop being who I was.  Our lives are a continual and connected journey,” Rev Baird said. 

“We bring with us successes and challenges from the past, which hopefully provide us with insight and direction for our future.”

Rev Baird worked as a pre-service teacher in middle and senior years for a six week period in 1996. During this practicum, she developed a passion for education.

After graduating, she moved west to Charleville for her first teaching position in business and information technology.

She then studied to become a priest and moved to Glennie this year after spending six years at Hillbrook Anglican School in Brisbane.

“My original vocation was a teacher and I love the school environment, and love the opportunity to share with young people what God and faith are about and what they can add to people’s lives,” Rev Baird said.

According to Glennie School Principal Kim Cohen, Rev Baird is strongly committed to God as a priest and as an educator. She shows dedication to raising and educating girls and young women to reach their full potential and understand how to live fulfilling lives.

Principal Cohen expressed her excitement towards Reverend Baird becoming Chaplain of the school, as she believes she will encourage and strengthen the Christian faith among staff and students.

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