We understand that one of your greatest concerns is how you are going to be able to equip your daughter for her future success and happiness

The Glennie School is a leading regional day and boarding school, striving to equip girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 with the foundations to adapt and achieve, in this ever-changing world.

At Glennie, we know that delivering excellent education does not stop at reading, writing, and arithmetic. We focus on developing the whole student.

Our curriculum is designed to engage and empower girls, developing a life-long love of learning in a caring and inclusive environment, grounded by Christian values within the Anglican ethos.

We deliver programs that encourage the curiosity to explore, challenge her thinking, and teach her to analyse and evaluate information, enabling her to make informed decisions and choices.

Our passionate and highly experienced educators work together with our families, supporting your daughter to build resilience and strength of character, and help her to forge meaningful and healthy relationships with herself and others.

A rich and diverse range of co-curricular activities complement our strong academic programs, shaping well-rounded girls who are inspired to develop their cultural, academic, and sporting talents and embrace life with integrity and confidence.

Laying the foundations to explore, develop and grow

The Glennie Kindergarten and Prep program lays the foundations for her learning journey, encouraging her to explore, develop, and grow in a fun and supportive environment.

Our experienced early childhood specialists work together with our families to construct unique and enriching play-based learning experiences inspiring creativity and curiosity, and fostering a sense of well-being and belonging.

Your daughter is supported as she transitions through to the Junior Years where her love of learning continues to blossom through innovative learning programs, together with the best contemporary teaching methods and engaging learning experiences.

Outstanding weekly specialist activities incorporated into the curriculum from Kindergarten through to Year 6, encourage balance and provide the opportunity for girls to explore and expand their interests.

Supporting girls through transitions

The Glennie Middle Years programs are specifically designed for girls to learn and grow in ways that acknowledge and respect this unique and special time of adolescence.

We focus on supporting girls in Years 7 to 9 through this transitional period by strengthening character, forging meaningful relationships, and challenging their thinking.

Glennie’s dynamic learning environment and unique Mind Fitness programs offer extensive choice and opportunity for girls to explore their individual interests and talents, guiding them on paths to reaching their full potential as young women.

Providing post-school pathways to success

Delivering extensive choice of learning pathways and study options, our Senior Years program is designed to prepare and motivate girls in Years 10 to 12 for success, whatever paths they choose.

Glennie girls are immersed in relevant and engaging real-world learning experiences and are assisted to make suitable study choices for their post-school pathway, resulting in the majority of girls continuing onto higher education and successful careers. We strive to raise global citizens and articulate communicators and listeners for today’s world and tomorrow’s possibilities, placing our girls in the best position to achieve their personal best.

A welcoming and vibrant community, where girls are inspired and supported on their learning journey

At Glennie, your daughter will be inspired to become a considerate, self-assured, well-skilled young woman, ready to succeed in the real world. We will encourage her to find and develop her unique talents, empowering her to be All She Can Be®.

For more information or to book your personal school tour, contact our Registrar, Karen Morris on 07 4688 8807.