Internet chef Bridget Davis has released her latest cookbook, 128 Recipes That Saved My Life…Or At Least My Dinner.

After running some of the most well-known restaurants in Australia and New Zealand for more than 25 years, Bridget has had her fair share of recipe ideas.

She now shares her recipes, cooking tips and industry expertise to her 100,000 online followers on The Internet Chef and social media channels, now collating her “life-saving” favourites into a cookbook.

A self-confessed butter addict, Davis will not apologise to the food snobs about her ingredients or ideas.

The humble mother-of-three has combined the meals her family loves with those that made her successful in famous kitchens, aiming to curate the most simple, realistic and accessible options.

The dishes in 128 Recipes That Saved My Life were not selected on how well they photograph or the latest trends – they are the definitive favourites that are tried and true, saving many a dinner party, event or family dinner.

This cookbook is not just for the allocated family chef, it is for those who refuse to open to oven or fear the fry pan. She wants people to have fun and be motivated to cook.

She urges people to be present while cooking, taking in the sights, flavours and smells that will eventually be made into your favourite dish.

Davis started her hospitality career at 14 years old, working as a waitress in a family-run business, learning how to cook on the side. She read cookbooks like novels, memorising every ingredient of her favourite recipes. Throughout her career, she has worked with celebrity chefs, building cafes, built cafes and owned successful gastro pubs.

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