Mary MacKillop Catholic College junior school leaders Annabelle Fox and Jarrah Sunatwanitkul are excited to lead their peers this year.

Annabelle has attended Mary MacKillop since Prep, as has  her older brother Sam who is in Year 4. Jarrah joined the college community in Year 2, along with his twin brother Jayden. To be chosen as junior school leaders, Jarrah and Annabelle had to write a letter to the Head of Junior school and have it endorsed by another teacher. They then had to give a speech to their peers, before being voted in.

Both students said they felt proud to be leaders, with Jarrah adding that achievements such as this take a lot of hard work. Annabelle and Jarrah feel that their position is not just about the badge; being a junior leader is all about helping those in need, and recognising that everyone’s voice matters. They will be involved in a buddy program with Prep students, and assist in presenting at assemblies and College Masses.

The duo hope that this experience will help them to become more confident with public speaking, and will prepare them for their journey into senior school. Jarrah feels that Mary MacKillop Catholic College “offers a great learning opportunity for children and has nice teachers and students”.

Jarrah and Annabelle along with their fellow Junior Leaders were presented with their badges at the College Assembly by new Principal, Mr Chris Gabbett. To celebrate their achievements and discuss opportunities to be a great leader, the Junior Leaders were invited to an afternoon tea with the Principal.