Art2Muse Gallery in Double Bay is holding an exhibition for Walcha artist Paula Jenkins from 14 to 27 May this year. Paula’s exhibition Lifeblood was created in response to the current unrelenting drought which continues to affect so many primary producers in the area around Walcha in the northern tablelands of NSW.

Paula’s bold use of colour in her textured oil paintings has created high demand for her landscapes. Many of the paintings in Paula’s upcoming exhibition Lifeblood will include meandering rivers, lakes, gorges, and rain-filled clouds, along with the picturesque undulating landscapes that are distinct to the area. There is also a focus on water for this exhibition, and Paula says she believes water gives life, strength, and vitality to our environment and all living creatures. Without water, nothing survives and she has been subconsciously shifting her mindset during the painting process, from hot and dry days to better things to come.

“My art is a continuous journey of discovery as I explore, through painting, our incredible and diverse environments around the country. I look deep into a landscape and extract the subtleties and connotations that lie within,” Jenkins said. My aim is to evoke emotion and a sense of place through movement, form, depth, and colour.”

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