Toowoomba local Ivan Eiser has been rewarded for his 50 years of service as a Justice of the Peace.

Mr Eiser, 92, still enjoys volunteering and first became a JP while working for Shell. “I worked for Shell for 33 years and witnessed a lot of signatures on contracts and in some towns it was a bit difficult to find a JP so I decided to become one myself,” Mr Eiser said.

Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki MP presented Mr Eiser with a commemorative certificate and medallion to thank him for his service. “This presentation was a great opportunity to recognise Mr Eiser’s significant achievement – he provides an important service for the people of Toowoomba,” Mr Janetzki said.

Mr and Mrs Eiser have been married for almost 68 years. “When I got out of the airforce I was studying and at my workplace a job came up for a book keeper,” Mr Eiser said, “Jeanie was my right-hand man from that day on and she still is.” Mr and Mrs Eiser have three children, six grandchildren (three of whom are policemen), and four great-grandchildren. After moving around for many years with Shell, they returned to Mr Eiser’s hometown of Toowoomba after his retirement.

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