Third year University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Theatre students are preparing for their final week of rehearsals, presenting Caryl Churchill’s classic play Love and Information on Thursday 6 September.

Caryl Churchill is recognised as one of the greatest living playwrights of Western theatre practice. Her work across five decades is starkly incisive, politically charged and driven by a profound empathy for the vulnerabilities and fallibility of ordinary people in unequal circumstance. When asked to explain the play, Director Scott Alderdice said that it presented a kaleidoscope of more than one hundred characters in scenes ranging from a few lines to a few minutes. “Each is searching for meaning, truth and something to believe in, while functioning inside a modern world of information overload, sound bites and multimedia pastiche,” he said.

Leaving vast scope for individual interpretation, this play is at once minimalist in style and epic in its treatment of themes both social and political in nature. Presented by the graduating actors of 2018, the production is their final performance from their three-year degree at USQ.

Cast member George Harris says that everybody will be able to relate to the play. “What you can expect from this play is that there is a whole range of characters that you will be able to relate to in a variety of wars as the show is about a search for humanity in this digital world and how easy it is to get lost in it, he said.”

Love and Information will be performed at the USQ Arts Theatre (Toowoomba) from Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 September at varying times.

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