New gym equipment purchased by the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation is aiding the recovery of cardiac patients visiting the Toowoomba Hospital Cardiac Rehab Service. The new equipment includes a treadmill, rowing machine, balance trainer, and a number of other items with a total cost close to $5,000.

The items are a welcome addition to a new gym which has been specifically established for cardiac rehabilitation patients. Previously, the Heart Care Team shared a gym with another unit at the hospital which reduced the amount of time the space was available to patients and limited program numbers to fit with the broader use of the area.

Clinical Nurse within the Heart Care Team Trudie Culleton said with the new gym now open, there is greater flexibility for the team to implement rehab programs for their patients.“The new space and equipment will give us more flexibility with patients and their rehab programs and facilitate an opportunity to develop maintenance programs which are part of the evidence-based best practice model of care for patients post a cardiac event,” Ms Thomae said.

“Research tells us that physical activity helps to lower physiological risk factors for patients and improves quality of life and psychological wellbeing so the equipment is extremely important to the Heart Care Team do.”

Toowoomba Hospital Foundation CEO Alison Kennedy said generous support from the local community makes possible the purchase of important equipment such as the new gym equipment.“Our local community is incredibly generous and it is only through their incredible support that purchases such as this are possible,” Mrs Kennedy said.

“Recovering from any type of illness can be extremely difficult and overwhelming and being able to provide support to our patients through the provision of equipment and resources to help them get back on their feet is an absolute privilege for the Foundation.”

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