Downs resident and medical herbalist Nina Gudkovs has released Nutritious: Metabolic Fasting for Cancer. This book is a toolkit, full of guidelines and recipes that translate cancer research into what you can easily do at home. This revolutionary approach offers a template for a diet with a ratio of healthy fats and plant-based proteins that are low in carbohydrates.

Research has shown that cancer cells generally rely on glucose as their main energy source to grow and multiply, and that cancer cells may also use various alternative sources for energy, such as amino acids, especially those found in high amounts in animal protein. This book integrates these findings with burgeoning research on the powerful health benefits of a plant-based diet and is truly cutting edge in its formulation of how to eat, providing nutritious and tasty recipes.

According to Nina, this book can be used in conjunction with any treatment a person may be undertaking: chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or alternative therapies. Nutritious: Metabolic Fasting for Cancer will also benefit people in cancer remission and people who are concerned about cancer prevention due to a family history of cancer. It has more than 60 mouth-watering recipes that are easy to prepare, a 14-day meal plan, food lists and shopping guides to help you get started, useful tips to make transitioning to and sustaining this plant-based ketogenic diet as simple as possible, as well as practical strategies and guidance for days you are tired or suffering from the side-effects of treatment.

Nina provides an engaging and well written resource – with clear explanations, beautiful photography, a wealth of useful information, and a foreword by Professor Kerry Bone, this informative book gives readers an in-depth rationale for the approach as well as providing patients with the tools and knowledge to follow this diet with confidence.

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