Massage therapy is a soothing way to relieve muscle tension and soreness. However, complications such as cancer can compromise your immune system, putting your body at an increased risk of bruising and infections. These risks can be avoided by requesting an oncology massage therapist, who specialises in working with your ailments to relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms.

Tracey Mead is an oncology massage therapist at Hope Horizons, Toowoomba’s first cancer wellness centre, who has noticed that requests for oncology massages has dramatically increased in recent times. Clients have reported numerous benefits to the massages, including an increased ability to tolerate chemotherapy treatments, better sleep, fewer headaches, and much more. Clients are spreading the word on the evidence-based benefits, and Hope Horizons is struggling to meet the demand.

“I’ve been in the beauty/massage field for many years and this change of direction has been very rewarding, as well as surprising. I didn’t expect to feel grateful to be able to provide safe, gentle touch massage therapy to those at the end of their life, or in palliative care, or those who are experiencing the side effects of treatment for cancer,” says Tracey. “The relief that someone gets from pain or discomfort, anxiety or insomnia, after an oncology massage is just lovely to see, and, most importantly, for them to feel.”

Hope horizon is in need of more therapists in and around the Toowoomba area, which is why they have partnered up with Oncology Massage Ltd, to deliver the first of their foundational modules in July this year.

With Oncology Massage Module 1 (OM1), people can learn to understand the science behind a cancer diagnosis and treatment options. Additionally, participants will learn five oncology massage techniques, and go home with confidence in their ability to provide therapeutic massages for clients or loved ones. No qualification is required for this module. Once the module has been successfully completed, and the student has attained a minimum Certificate IV in Massage Therapy or Diploma in Bowen Therapy, they can advance to Oncology Massage Module 2 (OM2).

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