Toowoomba State High School Captains Jemilla Strode Smith, Patrick Carey, Will Briant and Aleesha Masters are relishing their final year of school in their leadership positions.

The real challenge for the four leaders is balancing their additional leadership responsibilities while not compromising their commitment to their academic studies. Successfully balancing these demands requires discipline and a strong sense of commitment, which they all exhibit.

When asked why these students wanted to take on leadership roles at Toowoomba State High School, Aleesha responded, “I want to be a positive influence and a voice for all students so they feel valued and important.” Patrick said, “I want to be a presence. I want students to feel that I am approachable and easy to talk to when they have concerns.”

Jemilla, Aleesha, Patrick and Will are inspiring role models for the school’s younger students and have played an active part in mentoring the Year 7 cohort. Recently they attended Year 7 camp at Tallebudgera Recreation Centre as group leaders, an experience that enriched their leadership journey. Will says his leadership role means he can make a lasting difference, and leave his mark on current students, while Jemilla has so far enjoyed being able to extend and expand her relationships and influence with students and staff alike.

Principal Mr Tony Kennedy and the school community are extremely proud of the manner in which Jemilla, Aleesha, Patrick and Will model the school values of Excellence, Integrity and Courage. They exemplify an admirable example of leadership within the school and the wider community.

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