SCOTS PGC College captains Kira Holmes and Josh Bailey are boldly leading their way through 2020. Although thrown a couple of curve balls so far this year, they are taking it in their stride and rising to the challenge of leading their College during a time like no other.

“I believe that to be a good leader, you must have honesty and integrity,” Josh said.  “When I think of a leader I admire, I immediately think of my grandfather. He works tirelessly for the church and his determination to achieve his goals inspires and motivates everyone around him — especially me.”   

Kira is inspired by leaders who have faced adversity and survived. “Steve Smith [Australian cricket captain] is a great example of a leader who inspired a lot of people. He made some mistakes along the way, but I really admire his attitude throughout this career.  His story is a great reminder to never give up on yourself and to keep working hard.  It’s never over.”

Kira and Josh have set out to instill a greater sense of pride in their College community. Equally as important, they want to lead by example and demonstrate the significance of what it means to ‘give back’ to a community through involvement in service activities.

They are well supported by their fellow prefects who have keenly accepted both the challenge and honour to serve their College.  Their collective enthusiasm is a great example for the students of SCOTS PGC College.   

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