Alastair Doljanin is proud to represent St Mary’s as College Captain in 2020. In keeping with the Edmund Rice ethos, Alastair has a passion to drive social justice initiatives within the College.

Reflecting on his recent immersion in a village in Papua New Guinea, he is insightful. “They were so content, and live life every day making the most of what they have,” said Alastair. “It made me realise the importance of giving back and helping those in need, if you are in a position to do so.”

The current health and economic climate due to COVID-19 has had the St Mary’s College Student Leadership Team thinking. Alastair’s family grows pumpkins on a farm near Inglewood. Overwhelmed by the generous support farmers received through the drought, the family wanted to give thanks by giving back to the community. “We donated more than 80 pumpkins to Toni’s Kitchen, Emerge and the Basement Soup Kitchen,” said Alastair.

Inspired to be a positive role model, Alastair attended the Edmund Rice Education Australia Leadership Camp in Adelaide in January. He returned to the College with an aim to build a sense of brotherhood. “As College Captain, I endeavour to ensure St Mary’s boys are striving to be better human beings and loyal friends,” he said. “It is important we build strong relationships and keep forgiving.”

Alastair is currently studying Physics, Specialist Maths, Maths Methods, Literature, Design, and Religious Education. After school he plans to study Architecture at The University of Queensland.

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