Dalby State School student Sebastian Hordern’s keen interest in learning is evident in his accelerated variety of skills. Sebastian has been given a number of advanced opportunities to participate in extracurricular programs including the school musical, SHEP and STEM.

One of Sebastian’s star achievements was earning the lead role in the Dalby State School musical last year. He put on a stellar performance as Simba in the Lion King Jr. Sebastian’s abilities to play trombone and sing landed him an incredible opportunity and his abilities to perform on stage have given him great confidence and increased his repertoire.

He was subsequently selected to attend last year’s State Honours Ensemble Program. The program provides the opportunity for the top young musicians in Queensland to work with renowned national and international conductors. At the culmination of the program the students present a grand performance in pursuit of ‘musical excellence’. Sebastian is also skilled academically and was selected to attend the STEM program where students create a clock, trouble shoot their own problems and are then required to assemble the final product. Sebastian’s love of learning and going the extra mile is reflected in his competitive interest in Top Gear and Mario Kart. Sebastian is determined to further refine his skills and continue to be organised and work well with others during his final year in primary school.

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