The first cohort of Year 12 students are set to graduate this year from Mary Mackillop Catholic College. Holly Hutchison is one of the eight students graduating, but what sets her apart is that she is the first to complete her entire education from Prep to Year 12 at the College.

Coming from a Catholic family, Holly’s parents wanted her and her younger sibling to have a Catholic education after moving to Highfields in the early 2000s. Holly started Prep in 2008 and remembers the College as only having a small junior school, consisting of a few buildings, a library and an open assembly hall that was very cold in winter. The senior school, where Holly now spends all of her time at school, was just a grassy paddock. In 2014, as Holly was set to graduate Year 6, the College expanded to senior year levels. Holly believes having a smaller cohort in the senior years has had a positive impact.

With a tight knit group of friends and great relationships with her teachers, she has found the experience to be calmer than what she would expect from a larger school. Holly has grown an attachment to the people, the teachers and the community at Mary MacKillop, saying that she is honoured to have been a part of it. Unlike many, Holly is hopeful that this year will go slow. “It’s important to focus on the now, live in the present and enjoy everything on offer at the College,” she said.

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