St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School students Shanelle Flute and Lucy Scott are proudly stepping into their roles as captains of St Margaret’s successful Rowing Shed in 2020. The duo share a mutual passion for the sport of rowing and have each harnessed every opportunity to reach their full potential in the sport while at St Margaret’s.

Shanelle comes from a cattle station located 60 kilometres outside the rural town of Hughenden in north west Queensland. With little to no water for recreational sports in her hometown, she had no idea the sport of rowing even existed. “Without the opportunity to row at boarding school I wouldn’t know what the sport was! The St Margaret’s shed and the BSRA program is the biggest in Queensland, and so it was the ideal place to learn more, experience more and discover the ‘spirit’ of rowing,” said Shanelle.

Lucy, like Shanelle, did not have rowing opportunities available in her hometown of Roma and could not wait to get started at St Margaret’s. “Being a part of the shed offers an immense feeling of connectedness. The culture is simply indescribable. It’s like a second family,” said Lucy. In their new roles as shed skippers, both girls plan to continue to lead the great tradition of spirit and culture of community the St Margaret’s Shed embodies. Both girls have aspirations to row at university when they finish school with Shanelle setting her sights on studying Education and rowing at a US college and Lucy hoping to study Neuroscience.

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