Toowoomba Regional Council’s Planning and Development Committee has created the city’s new Green Infrastructure Strategy, ensuring Toowoomba’s beautiful and well known green scapes continue to flourish. The new strategy has been developed over three years, in consultation with the community and will guide how Council plans, delivers and values the region’s green assets.

Councillor Anne Glasheen who is chair of Strategic Planning and Economic Development said, “Green infrastructure covers a number of aspects that make up our diverse landscape from our famous gardens in the city and iconic trees that line our suburban streets to fertile agricultural plains and bushland parks. The vision underpinning the strategy is for a ‘rich tapestry of green and healthy landscapes’ that support thriving communities and a vibrant economy, where nature is valued, embedded and enriched at every opportunity.”

Including natural, semi-natural and design assets such as vegetation and habitat corridors, farmlands, parks, urban creeks and green walls on buildings, the push hopes to improve and maintain the green infrastructure, as the council would its roads, bridges and utilities. Sustaining clean air and water, healthy food, climate resilience, liveable communities and economic development across the Council are areas the new strategy hopes to improve in with a collaborative approach.

Council plans to deliver on four key objectives, enriching natural systems; enhancing local identity and character; supporting healthy communities and increasing collaboration and co-design.

“As a Council, we are sowing the seeds together for better landscapes that will support and enrich our green environment for generations to come,” says Cr Glasheen. Touching on mental and physical wellbeing, Cr Glasheen says it is important for the Toowoomba Regional Council to protect and and increase the amount of vegetation in places where the residents of Toowoomba reside.

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