The Springs Garden World in Toowoomba held an Open Night, by invitation only, on Thursday 23 August to celebrate 20 years since its foundation.

Invitees included a number of distinguished guests, headed by Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio, who were able to wander through the spectacular horticulture haven as they sipped drinks and ate delicate finger food. “It is a great tribute to Ashley and Marie (McEwan) that they have been able to develop such a wonderful business,” Mr Antonio said. “The centre has become a landmark in Toowoomba and a feature attraction for visitors to the city.”

It has taken a lot of work and effort in the time since the centre was opened to achieve the impressive status it has reached. The McEwans initially sourced ideas from around Australia, in Canada and from European countries so they could include the latest trends in nursery design and product range in their fledgling operation. Ironically as the original site has been trimmed back by developments from its original 4.2 hectares to about half that size the offering of Garden World has grown-and-grown-and-grown.

With pathways winding through the garden area every centimetre of available space is being used in a stylish way. A natural water course has been developed as a centre piece for the beautiful water features that are on display. As well as having a massive plant nursery, huge numbers of seedlings and trees The Springs also offers the latest in outdoor furniture, gardening requirements and a multitude of pots as well as giftware.

It must all be a dream come true for Ashley and Marie.

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