International archaeogenetic DNA analysis company My True Ancestry, has successfully matched Toowoomba man George Helon with the 2600 year old human remains of his Royal Scythian Helon tribe ancestors, the Helonians.

In archaeogenetics, information on the DNA of different ethnic groups from around the world is used to analyse prehistoric events and corroborate accounts from historical sources. The DNA data are reconciled with the findings of archaeologists, linguists, and paleoanthropologists to shed light on the past.  The remains come from an area with peoples, places and events well-documented by extant biblical, archaeological, ancient, historical, cartographic, linguistic and genetic evidence that irrefutably proves the Australian man is the direct descendant of Royal Scythian Helon tribesmen and warriors (600 – 300 BC) who, at the height of their power and influence, roamed from about China westwards to the Carpathian Mountains, the gateway to Europe.

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus (c. 484–425 BC), considered the ‘Father of History’ and others wrote about the forest-steppe Royal Scythian Helon tribes and their ancient wooden-walled capital Gelonus which was reached by the Persian army of Darius in his assault on Scythia during the late 6th century BC. “Helon is not only a biblical name of Hebrew and Greek origin, it’s a biblical lineage, a surname, the name of an ancient Scythian culture, a Christian, geographical and a botanical name, as well as the name of a popular Ukrainian beer, and a language too. That we Helons can be matched to ancient remains dating from 600 BC to 290 BC makes our family one of the world’s oldest and unbroken dynastic bloodlines with a ripe old age of just over 2600 years and predating most European royal and noble houses by hundreds of years,” he said. “The fact my family’s lineage is 1700 years older than Her Majesty the Queen’s, which reckons its descent from Alfred the Great, King of Wessex and of Anglo-Saxons who died on 26 October 899, is truly amazing. But the pièce de résistance, and most astonishingly” Mr Helon added, is that “there is an annual festival held each year at Belsk, Poltava in the Ukraine where people gather to celebrate and pay homage to our Helon Scythian ancestors of aeons past.”

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