A trip to the Bunya Mountains is pure magic. Because of the altitude (1100 metres above sea level) you’re enjoying rarified air and an unparalleled seat at the nightly star show. Recline under a vast blanket of twinkling lights scattered across an inky black universe.

The Milky Way and Southern Cross are easy to see and it’s quite breathtaking, especially for children who have seldom been out of the city. The flora and fauna are mesmerising. There’s a remarkable variety of birds and animals to see, flying and scampering through rainforest that is home to trees dating back to when the dinosaurs roamed.

The air is crisp and bracing during winter at Bunya. Mornings are brisk, days are sunny and the vibe is always one of pure relaxation. It’s always cold so bring your warm clothes (you may even be lucky enough to see snow!) As summer begins it’s a time of new growth so the walks are glorious with the pinks, pale greens and various other hues emanating from the tree tops down to the rainforest floor. February sees the Bunya nuts begin to fall with native birds and animals enjoying the feast. The Bunya walking tracks offer crystal clear mountain streams, soaring pines, rainforest, creeks, waterfalls and rolling hills of white beauty if there’s been a heavy frost. Break up your exercise with a visit to Poppies coffee shop for hot chocolate, coffee, or a Bunya Mountains treat such as scones with jam and cream or carrot and nut cake. Any time of the year you can enjoy a relaxing ride on a Clydesdale horse-drawn cart, engage in bird watching, or just come for the sunrises and sunsets which alone are worthy of a visit.

There are over 100 Bunya Mountains holiday homes all situated adjacent to the National Park with options to suit couples and families and even larger chalets for groups up to 100. You can choose to be nestled amongst the rainforest or perched on a striking escarpment overlooking Darling Downs or South Burnett. Book your Bunya Mountains holiday by visiting bunyamountains.com.au where you can see all of the accommodation options.

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