Highfields’ pet owners will be out in force next month as they join a community celebration to mark four decades of care by Dr Larry Jocumsen and Highfields Veterinary Surgery.

Very much a local, Dr Larry was educated at the then 26-student Highfields State School and in 1979 purchased part of his family farm in Kuhls Road to establish the practice. When he set up the Highfields Vet Surgery there was only himself and one nurse. Forty years later, the practice now has four vets and five support staff. “We have had the privilege of growing with the Highfields community and are very thankful for the local community and their support,” Dr Larry said.

“It was a natural evolution to become a vet as I came from a farming background and it was inevitable that either my brother or I would choose a veterinary career. So, when my brother pursued agricultural science, the decision was made.” In any given week Dr Larry and fellow vets, Dr Amanda Siddens, Dr Jake Lin and Dr Louis Gilshenan, may deal with anything from general health checks to orthopedic procedures.

With access to specialist veterinary care, the Highfields Veterinary Surgery is able to ensure your furry, feathered or scaled friend receives expert treatment when they need it. Dr Larry’s own pets come to the surgery – as visitors, not patients. His Greyhound rescue Dreamsy, has helped out on a number of occasions providing vital blood donations, while his Labrador Sirius, keeps him on his toes in true Labrador support mode.

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