With the drought continuing to impact large parts of Queensland, the Toowoomba Regional Council Water and Waste Committee has made a recommendation to revise residential water restrictions throughout the Region.

Water and Waste Committee Chair Nancy Sommerfield said changes to the current restriction levels would help ensure water security for the community. “The drought affects our entire community and it’s important we alter our water restriction levels and targets based on the current conditions,” she said. “Our data tells us this drought is more severe than the millennium drought, and as such, we’ve made recommendations to the existing water restriction levels and trigger points that are more reflective of this. The water restriction levels being proposed are simpler to understand and set targets that balance social amenity, financial implications and water security across the entire Region.”

“Water is such a precious commodity. More effective measures will ensure water security and minimise adverse impacts on the community,” Councillor Sommerfield said.

To maintain this water security, as of Monday 2 December 2019, Toowoomba Regional Council will move all areas of the Region currently on low level restriction to medium level restrictions. This is in addition to the proposed changes to the water level restrictions as can be seen in a table on their website.

“The communities affected by this are Haden, Kulpi, Milmerran and all residents connected to the Toowoomba Bulk Supply,” said Councillor Sommerfield. “At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. By moving these communities to medium level restrictions we’re sending a message to our residents that says we can all play a vital role in water security for the Region. Council continues to monitor our water supplies and is working with the other levels of government and the private sector to explore long-term water supply options. As part of the new restriction levels, there will also be changes to times when residents are able to water around the house, so I encourage all residents to visit our website and become familiar with the level they are on.”

The committee recommendation will go before the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 22 October 2019 for formal adoption.

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