Adelaide Cool, Ben Grant, Mikaela Hjortshoj-Haller and Eliot Argus are privileged to be school captains of Toowoomba State High School in the school’s centenary year.

Already this year, each has been actively involved in pursuing their interests. Ben, a keen student of the Performing Arts, will be playing a lead role in the upcoming School Musical, High School Musical. He has also been busy in the recent Empire Theatre production of Kinky Boots, appearing as one of the drag queens. Adelaide is a member of the Toowoomba Regional Council Youth Advisory Council. She is also in Toowoomba High’s successful Mooting team.

Mikaela is involved in the School Dance Troupe and is also performing in the upcoming School Musical. Eliot is heavily involved in the school’s Music program. He along with other students have formed a band called Cardboard Cut-Outs who performed at the recent Centenary Celebrations.

The four leaders must fulfil their additional responsibilities without compromising their commitment to academic studies. Successfully balancing these demands requires discipline and a strong commitment, which they all exhibit. The four leaders look forward to contributing to the rich tradition of Mt Lofty. As they stated at the Centenary Open Day on May 18, “The school motto, Labore et Honore — Through Labour comes Honour — embodies all aspects of what this school has achieved in the past and will achieve in the future.”

Principal Mr Tony Kennedy is proud of the manner in which Adelaide, Ben, Mikaela and Eliot model the school values of Excellence, Integrity and Courage.