Alt-country rockers Copperline have returned with their new single Gabriel, the next to be lifted from their heartworn sophomore album Borrowed, Broken and Blue, released mid-last year. Gabriel is dramatic, gritty and fierce – fitting for a track that derives its name from the Archangel of an all-powerful deity.

“This song is a collaboration between Richie and I,” reveals frontman Brad Christmas. “We really wanted this one to have a harder, grittier edge sonically, and to explore our deep love of Southern Rock.” Over the full 4-minutes, the 4-piece make it into one of their heaviest tracks to date. Rife with biblical allusions, the single speaks to injustices in society. “It’s all about the challenge of keeping the faith in a world where those who are supposed to be leading us and setting an example can do such evil things.”

Like every track on their 2022 album, this song was wrangled together through multiple studio sessions and Zoom co-writes. Despite the pandemic wreaking havoc on the band’s attempts to put something to tape, there emerged a silver lining. “I think capturing the sound of two different rooms, and two different moments in time helped give this track the sense of space and drama we were aiming for.”

Since releasing the album they’ve toured the country, with a multi-artist show set to roll on in coming months. “In early April we’ll be heading out on the road with our good friends from Melbourne, Matt Joe Gow, Duncan Phillips and Stef Duzel to share this song with the world. Our tour will take in Sydney, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains and Canberra.”

Copperline made their main stage debut this year at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and have been named finalists for awards from the International Songwriting Competition, Tamworth Songwriters Association and Australian Songwriters Association.

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